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Welcome to NetZeroBAU, your gateway to a sustainable future in building and construction. Our mission is clear: to spread knowledge on constructing and renovating homes to the highest energy-efficient standards while making the planet greener and your wallet happier.

Student Testimonials

“"I was a homeowner with no prior construction knowledge, but NetZeroBAU made it easy for me to understand the principles of energy-efficient housing. I took their retrofitting course and made significant improvements to my home. Not only did I save on energy bills, but I also reduced my carbon footprint. Highly recommend!"”

Emily R. - Edinburgh, UK

“"As an aspiring architect, I wanted to learn from the best. NetZeroBAU exceeded my expectations. The depth of knowledge and the dedication of the instructors are remarkable. I can confidently say that their courses have shaped my career, and I'm now working on projects that prioritize sustainability."”

David H - Dublin, Ireland

“"NetZeroBAU's courses have been a game-changer for me as a contractor. The courses on insulation and ventilation techniques have revolutionised the way I approach projects. My clients are thrilled with the results, and I'm proud to be a part of the movement towards more energy-efficient construction."”

John D. - Manchester, UK

“"I can't thank NetZeroBAU enough for the eye-opening courses they offer. As an architect, I was searching for ways to integrate sustainable building practices into my designs. The courses here provided not only comprehensive knowledge but also practical insights. Now, I'm confidently creating homes that are both beautiful and environmentally responsible."”

Sarah M - London, UK

Why Learn With Us?

  • Experience Matters

    With a legacy of designing Passive Houses and high-performance buildings worldwide, our courses draw from hands-on experience, making them both practical and effective.

  • Diverse Course Catalog

    Explore our extensive range of courses, including retrofitting, new construction, in-depth video case studies, webinars, and specialised topics like insulation, ventilation, and thermal bridging.

  • Meet Our Expert:

    Meet Tomás O'Leary, a leading authority on Passive House and High-Performance Buildings. With over 30 years of experience and a track record of training thousands of Passive House Designers, his expertise sets NetZeroBAU apart.

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