Experience the Pinnacle of Green Living

Passive House Luxury isn't just a course; it's your gateway to understanding the fusion of opulence and sustainability. Whether you're an architect, designer, builder, or passionate about green living, this immersive 3-hour comprehensive case study will elevate your knowledge to new heights.

  • Insulation & Ventilation Mastery:

    Delve into the cutting-edge insulation techniques and materials that ensure comfort and efficiency in luxury passive houses. Uncover the secrets of passive ventilation systems that maintain pristine indoor air quality while reducing energy consumption.

  • Eliminating Thermal Bridging:

    Learn how the project tackles thermal bridging effectively, contributing to energy savings and comfort.

  • Green Design Aesthetics:

    Discover the seamless integration of eco-friendly design elements that create an unparalleled luxury living experience.

  • Earn 3 CPD Points

    As a professional, you understand the value of continuous learning. This course offers a substantial 3 CPD points, enhancing your expertise and professional credentials. All of our case studies are also approved by the Passivhaus Institut.

  • Flexible Learning

    Our in-depth 3-hour case study covers every aspect of luxury passive house design. Our pre-recorded video modules provide the flexibility to access the course at your convenience. Pause and resume your learning journey whenever you like.

  • Assessment and Certification

    Test your knowledge with interactive quizzes, and upon successful completion, receive a certificate of achievement.

Course curriculum

    1. Episode 1 - Airtightness & Vapour Control

    2. Episode 1 Quiz

    3. Episode 2 - Insulation

    4. Episode 2 Quiz

    5. Episode 3 - Exterior finish

    6. Episode 3 Quiz

    7. Episode 4 - Ventilation system

    8. Episode 4 Quiz

    9. Episode 5 - Ventilation Unit

    10. Episode 5 Quiz

    11. Episode 6 - Thermal Bridging Pt.1

    12. Episode 6 Quiz

    13. Episode 7 - Thermal Bridging Pt.2

    14. Episode 7 Quiz

    15. Episode 8 - Interview

About this course

  • €29,99
  • 15 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • 3 CPD Points
  • Passivhaus Institut Approved CPD