Explore Pioneering Low-Energy Homes

Discover a remarkable low-energy home development in Northern Ireland, crafted by one of the region's leading housing developers who embraced the Low Energy Building challenge. From foundation to windows, and through every stage, we unveil the secrets behind this one of a kind project. Despite less stringent energy regulations in Northern Ireland, this project sets a new standard for sustainability. Join us on-site as we tackle the challenges of building the next generation of energy-efficient homes.

  • What You'll Explore

    Inspiring Innovation

    Immerse yourself in innovative construction techniques used in the development of these low-energy homes.

  • Design Excellence

    Explore the aesthetic and functional aspects that contribute to both luxury and sustainability in these remarkable homes.

  • Thermal Bridging

    We explore how thermal bridges were addressed at the design stage and how solutions were put into practice.

  • Earn 1 CPD Point

    As a professional, you understand the value of continuous learning. This course offers a substantial 3 CPD points, enhancing your expertise and professional credentials. All of our case studies are also approved by the Passivhaus Institut.

  • Flexible Learning

    Our in-depth 1-hour case study covers every aspect of luxury passive house design. Our pre-recorded video modules provide the flexibility to access the course at your convenience. Pause and resume your learning journey whenever you like.

  • Assessment and Certification

    Test your knowledge with interactive quizzes, and upon successful completion, receive a certificate of achievement.

Course curriculum

    1. Episode 1 -Thermal Bridging

    2. Episode 1 Quiz

    3. Episode 2 - Interview

    4. Episode 2 Quiz

    5. Episode 3 - Building Envelope

    6. Episode 3 Quiz

    7. Episode 4 - Airtightness & Vapour Control

    8. Episode 4 Quiz

About this course

  • €19,99
  • 8 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content
  • 1 CPD Point
  • Passivhaus Institut Approved CPD