Witness the Birth of Excellence: From Seed to Structure

Welcome to an exclusive journey into the world of SMARTPLY PROPASSIV – your passport to innovation in timber frame construction. In this captivating 2-hour case study video, we'll unveil the remarkable process behind crafting this revolutionary airtight OSB panel with an integrated vapor control layer, certified by the Passive House Institute.

  • Airtight Perfection

    The magic begins within the OSB panel substrate itself, engineered with precision to deliver unmatched airtightness. Gone are the days of cumbersome additional AVCL membranes – SMARTPLY PROPASSIV integrates an expertly crafted vapour control layer, ensuring airtightness with ease.

  • Vapor Resistance

    Experience consistently high vapour resistance across the entire surface of the panel. Say goodbye to concerns about interstitial condensation within your timber frame structure

  • Installation Made Easy

    Time is money in the construction world, and SMARTPLY PROPASSIV doesn't waste a second. It's incredibly easy to cut and fix, reducing installation time and hassles for your team.

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Course curriculum

    1. Episode 1 - The Prequel

    2. Episode 1 Quiz

    3. Episode 2 - It started with a seed

    4. Episode 2 Quiz

    5. Episode 3 - Thinnings

    6. Episode 3 Quiz

    7. Episode 4 - The Factory

    8. Episode 4 Quiz

    9. Episode 5 - Fabrication

    10. Episode 5 Quiz

    11. Episode 6 - Interview

    12. Episode 6 Quiz

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